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Drink and Be Married: Drink Mixes to Match Your Wedding Theme

Every bride knows choosing the perfect wedding favor can be a challenging adventure. That one’s tacky, this one is impractical, those are cute but too expensive, and that is nice, but what on earth would your guests do with it? Search no more brides-to-be, personalized drink mixes are the perfect solution. They’re fun and festive, fit any theme, are a great price and, most importantly, your guests will LOVE them!

Winter, summer, spring or fall, there is a personalized drink wedding favor perfect to fit the season or theme of your wedding. Choose from coffee, tea, cocktail, cocoa or lemonade wedding favors.

Summer bride – There’s nothing like a tall glass of lemonade on a warm summer’s day. Let your guests enjoy a sweet lemonade wedding favors with a cute personalized twist like, “Nothing is Sweeter than Love,” or “Love is Sweet.”

Fall bride – With vibrant colors as the backdrop to your wedding day, warm your guest soul with personalized tea wedding favors. Tea is a “Tea-rific” way to remind them what a perfect couple you and your new spouse are.

Winter Bride – Melt away the winter chill for your guests with a rich cup of cocoa or a fresh blend of coffee wedding favors for your winter-time nuptials. You two are the “Perfect Blend!”

Spring Bride – Put a little bounce in the step of your wedding attendants’ with cocktail wedding favors. At the after-party, friends can toast the happy couple with the “Perfect Mix.”

Additionally, there are tons of labels, wording and pictures to choose from. Whether you or your spouse are golf enthusiasts, love the beach and palm trees, or adorable snowmen to celebrate the winter, personalized drink mixes are the perfect wedding favor!

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