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Say Hello to Elizabeth Anne Designs

Elizabeth Anne Designs is a wonderful wedding blog filled with stories from actual brides, vendors, and newlyweds. Ami Price, the always interesting Editor and Publisher of the EAD wedding blog lives in Chicago with her husband and their puppy, Charlie. The posts are creative and informative, and we love the blog!

Check out “Glamorous Gray”, where the color gray is shown in such a unique, elegant form. Say goodbye to thinking of gray as dull – it’s an absolutely beautiful color and very dynamic.

Wedding Blogs

“Umbrellas!” is another great post, especially for the photos! Wedding parasols are very popular right now, and we just love the pretty parasols pictured!

Wedding Bloggers

EAD welcomes guest posters, so it’s great to see a different story in every post – it keeps us glued to reading the blog! Check out the Elizabeth Anne Designs blog!

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