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Treat Your Bridesmaids to Something Special


Your bridesmaids aren’t just your best friends – they’re also a huge part of your wedding day. To treat them to something special, has these great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas that are sure to delight just about anyone. So go ahead, give your wedding party a little something extra!

Have a themed wedding coming up? Give your bridesmaids something special that works well with it. For example, if your wedding is to be hosted at a winery, gift your wedding party with a bit of bubbly before hand and simple favor like a corkscrew or Wine Themed Coasters. Not only will they find these gifts thoughtful, but it’ll be another excuse to get together and celebrate.

Treating your bridesmaids to a dinner or spa treatment can also be another nice way to say your thanks for helping out with the wedding plans. Try to make this gift a day or night experience by inviting your best girlfriends out for dinner and then a night on the town, or for a healthy spa lunch and a complimentary treatment.

Giving your bridesmaid a personalized gift that’s wearable is also a great way to show your thanks. offers Personalized Wedding Tanks that are perfect for outfitting your wedding party, but you can also feel free to gift your bridesmaids with small jewelry items, clutches, scarves, or similar. Try to choose pieces that’ll fit their unique tastes – after all, this is all about them!

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