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Show Some Love For Wendy’s Affairs of Heart

Wedding planning is a very fun (and stressful) career, and I whole-heartedly respect anyone who decides to help ease the stress from brides planning their weddings. Wendy Hartigan at Wendy’s Affairs of the Heart has a wealth of wedding planning experience from many successful years in restaurant management and events planning. Wendy really does put her whole heart into planning a beautiful day for the bride and groom and their guests and always ensures their wedding is unforgettable!

Wendy Hartigan

Be sure to check out her site, to view testimonials of her wedding planning services and tons of great information about how she can plan your wedding. Plus, her wedding blog, Bridal Affairs, is the perfect place for you to learn more about Wendy, her wedding expertise, and how she can make your wedding as unique as you are!

Wendy Hartigan

We love Wendy Hartigan – take a look at her site and blog and tell her we said hello!

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