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Black And White Wedding Favors

When you are planning your wedding theme colors, sometimes it can be as easy as black and white. Recently with more wedding going with more of a retro look, the black and white combination, if used correctly, can make any wedding shine.

You can start of easily with the HeartLights Frosted Glass Heart Candles that will light your guests’ hearts with a white beautiful scented candle. This will put that romantic feeling in any wedding reception out there. With the gorgeous white candles you can add the Black Mini Cube Boxes. These very elegant boxes give that true perfection to your wedding as it also gives you the ability to add other candy or chocolates to make sure your guests are leaving with that true smile.

Going along with the black and white theme you can also give your guests the pleasure of having a “Passport to Love” Passport Cover or the Destination Love Cruise Ship Luggage Tag. For the travel savvy couple you can customize the text to your liking on the passport cover to say thank you to your guests. And if your reception is on a gorgeous ship, the best way to say thank you for your guests traveling to your special day is with luggage tags.

I know any of these wedding favors will make your special day shine!

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