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Ask Courtney: Unique Wedding Attire

Q: Hi Courtney, my name’s April and I’m getting married next September to the most wonderful man in the world. I’m excited about the wedding and we just started the planning process and we’re already lost! We’re not too into the idea of the traditional wedding dress and tux, we would like to try something different to set-us apart from the standard wedding. Do you have any ideas?

A: Hi April! Congratulations on your engagement! Planning the dress code for your wedding is the most exciting part of your wedding. However, since you want to step away from the traditional wedding attire, I can understand how this might be difficult for you. But you have more than enough time to find the right theme and I’ve complied a couple ideas for you to consider for your wedding.

You could try to keep one foot in the door of tradition with the use of fun colors. This happy couple displayed their appreciation for Pink and Black in very elegantly. To give your guests something to go home with, you could fill these with chocolate or this Solid Heart Bottle Stopper Wedding Favor to match the attire.

Stray even further from tradition with a more vintage look like this couple who opted for Grey. This style allows you to be unique, yet it’s still elegant enough to make for some amazing wedding photos. This style could be coupled with a vintage theme that utilized soft colors and and dinner by Candlelight.

There is always the option of ditching traditional wedding colors and going with a Retro-Cool look. This is very fun and will set your wedding apart from the many standard weddings happening at that time.

Now you could really step away from tradition if you place yourself in another time, place, or reality. In this case, a couple could live out a fantasy Celtic/Elfish wedding. Very far from tradition, but still very, very fun. Tie in some Celtic Wedding Favors to really set the mood for your guests.

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