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Anyone Interested in Some Thanksgiving Variety?

Before I even start, I have to say I love Thanksgiving. Watching football games with the family, playing with my little nieces and nephews, and telling funny stories with my family are what I look forward to most before I depart for the 2 hour drive to my grandparent’s house. I’m getting excited just thinking about it! However, every year it’s the same thing – Turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn! Now I’m not complaining, well not that much, but my only Thanksgiving wish this year is for something new or at least a new take on an old favorite!

I took some time to scour the inter-webs for some ideas and complied some links to some ideas that were note-worthy. So if you think your Thanksgiving needs a menu change, check out some of these ideas and maybe you can give them a test drive at your dinner table. – Have your guest scream, “Molto Buono” (Very Good) this Thanksgiving! Taking a page from the hilarious writings of Calvin Trillin, this pages suggests Thanksgiving be turned into an Italian affair with dishes like Salmon Spaghetti Carbonara, Spicy Glazed Carrots, and Herb Bread.

Kick it up a Notch!!! – Alright, I love my mom’s sweet potatoes, but I was even thinking about passing them up this year for this spicy little treat. Elizabeth Yarnell, author of Glorious One-Pot Meals: A new quick & healthy approach to Dutch oven cooking, enticed me with her recipe for Chipotle Sweet Potatoes. This looked so good, I went out and bought the ingredients and made it at home. Delicious!!!

I hope this little bits of deliciousness can help you put a twist on your Thanksgiving dinner.

From all of us at Products With Personality, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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