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Hiring a Wedding Planner

For a busy couple on the go, hiring a wedding planner is a smart choice. If it fits your budget, a wedding planner will save you time and stress – neither of which you have any to spare.

If you are considering a wedding planner start thinking about finding him/her one year in advance. It’s also important when selecting your designer, to choose someone you are comfortable with because you’ll be spending lots of time with this person. Also, get second opinions. The last thing you want is a wedding-gone-bad because of a poor designer. A reputable wedding planner with gladly give out reference names and numbers. If they are secretive about giving out names it may be because their former clients weren’t pleased.

After you’ve found the perfect planner start off with a budget. Without a budget your wedding fees can get way ahead of you. Once the budget is in place you get to start the planning. The planner will help you choose everything from A to Z including, your ceremony location, reception venue, menu, cake, flowers, photographer, videographer, wedding favors and more.

No detail is too small or task too large for your planner. They are there as your personal assistant to make the wedding planning process a joyful and stress-free experience.
Don’t be bashful; be sure to point out all your likes and dislikes, your favorite flowers, and your thoughts for the perfect wedding favors. With a great wedding planner you’ll have the event you’ve always dreamt of!

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