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Wedding Themes

Wedding Style Guide, The Ultimate Design and Decoration Magazine for Your Wedding

Brought to you from Australia, The Wedding Style Guide is a great resource for planning your special day. This magazine is filled with creative ideas that are sure to make a lasting impression on you and your guests. Get ready to find the inspiration you’ve been looking for, from fashion forward attire to unique table settings – it’s all in there, and more!


For a sneak peak into the latest issue, here’s a few special finds. Swatches are handy for every designer and always a visually pleasing reference book. Brides, you can make them yourself and you will be left with a special keepsake for years to come!

The bold and the beautiful – color is popping out everywhere. Give your guests a visual that will set your wedding apart from all others with bright, bold color. Be sure to take a look at their site for additional interesting finds. They also have an amazing Wedding Blog full of ideas and inspiration.


Wedding Colors We Love: Cobalt Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow Wedding

In springtime, there’s nothing better than having a gorgeous outdoor wedding, however, by choosing a dynamic color scheme, you can bet that it’ll be even better. This season, keep your eyes out for daring color combinations, like cobalt blue and yellow, that are making wedding days stand out.

Inspired by blue skies and yellow sunflowers, a cobalt blue and yellow themed wedding is ideal for couples who want to make statement but still keep a sunny feel to the special day. To incorporate this theme, here are a two ideas on how to best utilize this unique color combination:

A Seaside Setting
As popular colors found in many beachy themed events, cobalt blue and yellow can help to incorporate a very clean, crisp, and laid back feel into your wedding day. To tie in the theme, you can always choose beach or sailing inspired décor, menu items, and invitations. Decorate your tables with sea glass, shells, or coral that stands out against your dramatic blue backdrop. Just be sure to remember the Beach Themed Wedding Favors!

Inspired by Nature
Nature is often a great source of inspiration, especially for seasonal weddings. To incorporate your daring color scheme, think about using white, ivory, bold yellow, or light blue florals that tie everything together. Daffodils, chamomile, daisies, forget-me-nots, chamomile, Queen Anne’s lace, orchids, or sunflowers are all excellent choices.

Add Drama with a Rich Violet and Black Color Scheme

For the dramatic bride, making a statement is what her special day is all about. To get heads turning during your wedding, why not try a daring purple and black color scheme with ivory, yellow, blue or silver accents? This new and oh-so-gorgeous theme is sure to fit in with any season, as it can incorporate various tones and touches that are both light and heavy, striking and soft. Use this image as inspiration for incorporating this daring color scheme into your wedding plans.

Iris Flower

When it comes time to plan, here are a few of our favorite ideas on making this bold yet beautiful color scheme come to life on your special day:

-Print your invitations using a royal purple ink on ivory or white paper.
-On your wedding cake, showcase edible pansies, posies, or similar purple florals. As a sweet touch, have them sugared and serve them on each guest’s piece.
-For the bridesmaids, choose sleek black dresses in a seasonally appropriate fabric.
- As part of your floral arrangements, go with irises, orchids, or purple roses, offset by delicate white, ivory, light blue, dark green foliage, or yellow blooms.
-Instead of wearing traditional white or ivory shoes with your gown, opt to go for a vibrant purple pair of pumps or mules.
-Use these darling
Ivory and Black Favor Boxes to share your special day with your guests. Fill them with your favorite purple or chocolate candies, lavender teas, or even delicate flower petals.

5 Ways to Green Your Special Day

Green Weddings

Weddings are all about the growth of a couple as they depart on a journey of a lifetime. Like a flower, the seeds of love are planted in the beginning of a relationship and then blossom on the wedding day. If you’ve just recently become engaged, or if you’re starting to plan your wedding, it’s time to start thinking about ways to make your wedding day a little bit more like a garden. It’s time to start thinking about lending a little green to your special occasion. offers up these ten tips on how to make your eco-friendly wedding both beautiful and budget friendly. Enjoy!

1.Place Cards
Instead of going for paper place cards, opt to write your guests’ names on stones using chalk, or make home made place cards out of scraps of cardboard and colorful markers.

2.Favors has a great selection of Wedding Favors that are designed with the green wedding in mind. Choose from several different flower seed varieties to pick the one that’s right for your wedding colors or theme.

Try picking out a non-traditional ring that uses eco-friendly diamonds and gold made with fair labor practice. Or check out some of the conflict-free gem rings that are available. Recycled jewelry and hand me down heirlooms also work well.

Choosing a location for your wedding that’s central to most of your guests will cut down on CO2 production caused by travel.

For your guests, opt to use dried flower petals or biodegradable confetti instead of rice to throw.

Ask Courtney: Spring Wedding Trends for 2009

Spring 2009 Wedding TrendsHello everyone, Courtney here. Happy New year everyone! It’s my first post of 2009, so I took some time to scour the web for the best new wedding trends for spring 2009. After an extensive search, I compiled what I think will take the spring wedding season by storm!

Even with a tight budget, you could still have a fabulous wedding. Nina Callaway from suggested some charming, money saving alternatives that will keep your wedding classy without breaking the bank.

Keep it small – Remember these words – less is more. By keeping your guest list short, you could allow your budget to include better quality wines, food, and Wedding Favors for your guests.

Down on the Farm – Add a little country charm to your wedding by booking your wedding on a local farm. Farms are affordable to rent and will allow your guest to roam around outside. In some cases, you guests could even have fun interacting with the animals on the farm

I hope these ideas will help you in your quest for the perfect spring wedding. Just be sure to come back for more spring 2009 wedding trends that will be able to knock your socks off!

Favor Fridays – Star Fish Design Candle

Favor Fridays – January 2nd 2009

Star Fish Design Candle – As low as $1.20 each!!!

-Perfect for a Beach Theme Wedding
-A tea candle nestled in poly resin shell-encircled base with a rhinestone embellishment
-Each favor comes packaged in a clear box and tied with white satin bow
-Minimum Order Size 30

December 26th, 2008
December 19th, 2008
December 12th, 2008
December 5th, 2008

Favor Fridays – Elegant Calla Lily Bottle Stopper in Planter Gift Box (Set of 4)

Favor Fridays – December 26th 2008

Elegant Calla Lily Bottle Stopper in Planter Gift Box – Only $6.65 for a set of 4!

- A very elegant bottle stopper adorned with it lily blossom on top
- Comes in a display box that resembles a planter box
- It’s “oh-so-stylish” for your upcoming spring or summer wedding!

December 19th, 2008
December 12th, 2008
December 5th, 2008
November 28th, 2008

Your Wish Was Just Granted – Introducing The Bridal Wishlist

Hello there readers! We love all things weddings and we’re always reading fellow wedding blogs to hear about the latest wedding tips and trends. We’d like to give a nod to our good friends at, a blog about modern weddings and all the trendy accessories that go with it. The blog includes interesting posts on Modern Weddings Tips, with tons of great photos so you can view all the Modern Wedding Accessories you need for your elegant contemporary wedding.

Modern Wedding Clutches

Count your wish granted – even has posts on their favorite online wedding sites so you can find beautiful wedding accessories at affordable prices to make your wedding day unforgettable. You can find advice on gorgeous Italian wedding dresses to fabulous fine china, and everything in between. The posts are always entertaining, and once you start reading their contemporary wedding advice, you’ll not only want to have a modern themed wedding, but you won’t be able to stop reading TheBridalWishlist!

Modern Wedding Clutches

And hey, we’re a fan of anyone who’s “About Me” says “i will stop on a dime for a pair of shoes!”. Enjoy, readers, and tell TheBridalWishlist’s Wedding Blog we said hello!

Ask Courtney: Staying Warm During Winter Weddings

Q: Hi Courtney, I live in Philadelphia, Pa, and I’m getting married in February. I’m worried it’s going to be so cold that I’ll turn into an icicle when walking from the church to the limo, limo to the reception hall, etc. How will my guests and I enjoy blowing wedding bubbles outside the church? – Kelsie

Winter Wedding Favors

A: Hey Kelsie, first: Congratulations on your wedding! Let’s take a second to sit back and celebrate your upcoming nuptials, and then worry about that pesky winter weather! We’re located in King of Prussia, Pa, so we’re right there with you in trying to cope with the chilly February weather. Here’s some tips for keeping warm and having an enjoyable winter wedding for you and your guests.

  • Get To The Church Early – Make sure the church’s facilities manager turns that heat on early enough in the day to ensure the church is warm and toasty! This way, your guests will be able to focus on your lovely wedding, instead of goosebumps!
  • Faux Fur – When walking from the church to the limo, throw on a faux fur stole. It adds a classic, beautiful touch to your wedding dress. Give your guests adequate time to throw on their coats before you waltz out of the church so that have time to blow bubbles at the happy new couple!
  • Warm Up With Some Bubbly – We all know a drink tends to warm us up a bit, so pass around the champagne glasses, and warm up with some celebratory toasts! Just be sure to caution your guests against drinking and driving.
  • Tropical Honeymoons – Here’s a great way to keep your mind off the cold: honeymoon somewhere tropical! This way, you’ll be able to look forward to warm weather right after your wedding. Check out cute Just Married Flip Flops for your honeymoon!
  • Winter Wedding Favors – Embrace the cold weather by adding Winter Wedding Favors to your wedding reception. Get everything from Personalized Cocoa Wedding Favors to Ornament Place Cards.

Wedding Ornament Favors

Best wishes, and don’t fear the cold. Just cuddle up to your husband!

Ask Courtney: Unique Wedding Attire

Q: Hi Courtney, my name’s April and I’m getting married next September to the most wonderful man in the world. I’m excited about the wedding and we just started the planning process and we’re already lost! We’re not too into the idea of the traditional wedding dress and tux, we would like to try something different to set-us apart from the standard wedding. Do you have any ideas?

A: Hi April! Congratulations on your engagement! Planning the dress code for your wedding is the most exciting part of your wedding. However, since you want to step away from the traditional wedding attire, I can understand how this might be difficult for you. But you have more than enough time to find the right theme and I’ve complied a couple ideas for you to consider for your wedding.

You could try to keep one foot in the door of tradition with the use of fun colors. This happy couple displayed their appreciation for Pink and Black in very elegantly. To give your guests something to go home with, you could fill these with chocolate or this Solid Heart Bottle Stopper Wedding Favor to match the attire.

Stray even further from tradition with a more vintage look like this couple who opted for Grey. This style allows you to be unique, yet it’s still elegant enough to make for some amazing wedding photos. This style could be coupled with a vintage theme that utilized soft colors and and dinner by Candlelight.

There is always the option of ditching traditional wedding colors and going with a Retro-Cool look. This is very fun and will set your wedding apart from the many standard weddings happening at that time.

Now you could really step away from tradition if you place yourself in another time, place, or reality. In this case, a couple could live out a fantasy Celtic/Elfish wedding. Very far from tradition, but still very, very fun. Tie in some Celtic Wedding Favors to really set the mood for your guests.

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