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Wedding Planning

Would You Have Your Pet Attend Your Wedding?

Dog Wedding

After singer Jennifer Hudson announced that her dogs were going to be part of her wedding plans, couples around the world rushed out to give their pups special invites to their exchanges of vows. From having your beagle as a ring bearer to letting your greyhound walk you down the aisle, there are no shortage of ways to let your dog be part of your wedding plans. But many pet owners still think that nuptials are no place for a pooch, and instead choose to let them stay home and admire the occasion from afar. So what do you think? Is it fun or too much to have your dog be part of your wedding ceremony?

If you are thinking of having your dog be part of your ceremony, we want you to be prepared. Here are a few things you need to think about when it comes to pet planning on your wedding day:

1.Elect a friend (not a bridesmaid or groomsmen) to be in charge of the dog during the ceremony and to transport him wherever he needs to go.

2.Schedule a trip to the groomer before you walk him down the aisle.

3.If you plan on heading to your honeymoon after the ceremony and have to drop off your dog at a kennel while you’re away, check with them for drop off times to be sure that you’re covered.

4.Bring treats. Lots of treats. These yummy snacks will help you wrangle your pooch during photos, the ceremony, or anytime he seems to be loosing control. Want even more security over your dog’s behavior? Enroll in obedience classes before the big day.

Real Simple Weddings 2009: A Must-Read For Any Bride


When looking for a wedding planning resource, many brides can get lost in the Wedding Planning section of their local bookstore. With so many books to choose from, it’s no wonder that so many brides end up leaving frustrated, confused, and more often than not, empty handed. Ladies, it’s time to stop worrying about finding the right resource because we’ve found it for you. Every woman who is planning her wedding right now needs to pick up a copy of Real Simple Weddings 2009. It’s a MUST for taking your wedding day from ordinary to extraordinary.

Starting from your engagement, Real Simple Weddings acts as your best friend, guiding you through everything from your budget to your bouquet toss. Unlike other how-to guides, Real Simple Weddings leaves behind the overdone and the extravagant. Instead, it gives you easy, creative, and best of all, simple solutions for your wedding day. Follow the checklists and organization tips and heed the stress-reducers. Real Simple Weddings 2009 is here to save the day.

Stop by Crate&Barrel and pick up a copy now! A Great Find for Brides

Etsy Logo

Okay, we all know how stressful it can be to make the wedding day look just right. From little details to the big picture, there’s so much to consider. Plus you want to be sure that your wedding is different from the rest. You want it to be beautiful, personal, and unique. At, you can be sure to find just about anything to make your wedding day stand out.

As the source to “buy and sell all things handmade,” Etsy is a bride’s invitation, accessory, and fashion heaven. From custom jewelry and head pieces to eco-chic invitations, Etsy has just about anything you can think of. Not sure what you’re looking for? Take a look at their handpicked items selections, Pounce feature, or gift guides to get a better idea. They even have an entire section dedicated just to weddings with hundreds of vendors, ready to inspire your special day and give you those beautiful details you love.

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?


Once the excitement from the proposal dies down, the day comes when you have to start planning the wedding. Though stressful, it’s unavoidable. But if you’re like most brides, you really don’t have the time or the right strategy to get started and it can become overwhelming quickly. Where should you have the reception? Should you serve chicken or fish? Should you have it outdoors or inside; what if it rains? Your wedding will likely be the most elaborate and expensive party that you will ever host, and you want it to be perfect. To make sure that the wedding day goes off without a hitch, many brides are now choosing to hire a wedding planner to help sort out the chaos.

Wedding planners used to be assistants that were only enjoyed as a luxury. Today, however, these professional event consultants allow for you even save money on your big day by helping you get everything done right the first time around. Not to mention, they can help you stick to your budget throughout the entire process.

Plus, the scope of the planner’s involvement in your wedding is entirely up to you. You can have the consultant plan as much or as little as you desire. If you find that you are a “hands on” type of bride and want to do the planning yourself you can still enjoy the benefits of a wedding planner by selecting only the services you need. It’s that simple.

Did you hire a wedding consultant or wedding planner for your day? Why or why not?

Dare to Be Different on Your Wedding Day

Weddings, though always beautiful, can seem a little bland for the adventurous bride. To keep your cravings for something different at bay, here are several great ideas on how to incorporate something unique as part of your wedding plans.

Socially Aware Receptions
Instead of focusing on just you and your hubby to be, look instead to do something good for the world. Allow for your guests to send donations to a good cause instead of giving a wedding gift or sending flowers.

Non-Traditional Bouquets
What do buttons, seashells, wood, cloth scraps, chains, crystals, metallic wires, feathers, and tissue paper have in common? All of these materials are becoming popular as accent elements in wedding bouquets. Whether you choose to construct your floral arrangements using just these elements or decide accenting your current arrangements with these innovative materials is a better bet, your bouquet is sure to be a hit.

Bridal Blogging
Techie girls can rejoice! Bridal blogging is growing in popularity, especially as more and more people turn to the net to get their nuptial planning inspiration. Share your experiences on an online blog to give your guests an even more intimate look at your special day or just to share some advice with fellow brides who may just be starting out with their plans. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your readers, share photos and videos, or review your different vendors. Either way, it’s a fun an interesting element to add to your wedding (and a good way to share the juicy details on the dress, the flowers, and the favors!).

For more ways to make your wedding unique, be sure to check out the unique wedding favors from!

Sex and the City Wedding Style

Just hours after the iconic dress became available to consumers, the entire stock completely disappeared. So what dress are we talking about? It’s the Vivienne Westwood bridal gown worn by Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) in the Sex and the City feature film.

Sex and the City Wedding Dress

Net-A-Porter, an online shopping haven, was wiped clean of the Westwood creation the same day it was available to their customers, carrying a $9,875 price tag. Currently, there is a waiting list available for other aspiring brides looking to capture Carrie’s iconic style in a slightly shorter length. After all, it pays to be stylish on the big day.

The three-quarter length gown is comprised of a champagne silk bustier with built-in corset, full puff skirt with asymmetric hem, peaked sweetheart neckline and a silk underskirt. To put it simply – it’s gorgeous!

We Love 100 Layer Cake!

Looking for some color inspiration for your special day? You will find that and more at 100 Layer Cake. Their motto, “crafting your wedding, layer by layer” is a perfect line to describe the new site. Although their blog is up and running we are still waiting in anticipation for the launch of the main site. The blog has proved to be on top of the wedding game. Loaded with inspiration, you will find beautifully displayed color boards, creating that perfect palette along with awesome DIY innovation. Just the place to look when you’re planning your own special day!


From the dress to the invitations, style essentials, cake suggestions, and more, and the 100 Layer Cake blog have you covered with all of the essentials you’ll need to create the wedding day of your dreams. Check them out – a must for the stylish, innovative bride that loves to show off some personality and ingeniuty!

How to Have a Breezy Beach Wedding

No matter how far you plan ahead or how many things you try to accomplish, getting your wedding day in order is going to be frustrating. However, if you’re throwing a beachy theme, you don’t have to feel incredibly stressed over getting everything perfect. The secret to throwing a beautiful, laid-back beach wedding is to focus on being breezy.

Be breezy in your color choices.
Most brides tend to stress out the most about picking the perfect colors for their special day. If you plan on throwing a beach wedding, look to colors of a cool breeze to inspire you. Choose neutrals to represent sand. Compliment the neutrals with bright whites and cool blue tones of air and waves. Add sparks of yellow for a light hearted cheery feel. Once you have your colors, you can find the perfect Beach Wedding Favors at

Be breezy in your attire.
You want to be comfortable on your wedding day, so don’t feel like you have to go all out on your attire. If you plan on getting married on a beach, be sure that you wear a dress that you feel comfortable in. Choose one of a light, airy fabric that’s comfy and reflects the delicate, breezy feel of your special day. Not sure if you want to do the whole gown thing? Wear a light sundress instead.

Be breezy in your menu.
Beach weddings tend to be a bit more informal, so don’t be afraid to be laid back in your menu choices. If you want to have a smaller ceremony, think about having a barbecue or look to see if members of your family can contribute a favorite dish. A larger affair? Arrange for an island themed menu or entrees that celebrate the fruits of the sea in simple flavor.

Beach Scene with Couple

Four Unique Placecard Tricks You Don’t Want to Miss!

Placecards are one of the most overlooked wedding touches, however, with these clever ideas, you’ll definitely want to make them part of your plans. As a fun and festive way to direct your guests to the appropriate table (and leave them with an adorable keepsake), here are four ideas that you simply don’t want to miss out on during your wedding reception. The best part: all of these ideas double as wedding favors. Enjoy!


Great for educators getting hitched or for couples looking to give their guests something fun, miniature chalkboards with names of guests etched neatly on them are a great substitute for the traditional place card. Use colored chalk as a special touch.

Eco-chic or health conscious brides love using apples or pears with colorful tags tied onto the stems to seat and treat their guests.

Paint or use markers to write the names of your guests on smooth river rocks or decorative glass stones as a fun way to set places. Great for summertime weddings or those using cool colors as their wedding color scheme.

Attaching a tag onto a single flower can be a fun way to distinguish places at your tables. Try to choose an affordable bloom like carnations to serve as place markers for your wedding guests.

Not sure if you want to make these a part of your wedding day? You can always check out for some great placecard holders sure to liven up your traditional paper cards.

Treat Your Bridesmaids to Something Special


Your bridesmaids aren’t just your best friends – they’re also a huge part of your wedding day. To treat them to something special, has these great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas that are sure to delight just about anyone. So go ahead, give your wedding party a little something extra!

Have a themed wedding coming up? Give your bridesmaids something special that works well with it. For example, if your wedding is to be hosted at a winery, gift your wedding party with a bit of bubbly before hand and simple favor like a corkscrew or Wine Themed Coasters. Not only will they find these gifts thoughtful, but it’ll be another excuse to get together and celebrate.

Treating your bridesmaids to a dinner or spa treatment can also be another nice way to say your thanks for helping out with the wedding plans. Try to make this gift a day or night experience by inviting your best girlfriends out for dinner and then a night on the town, or for a healthy spa lunch and a complimentary treatment.

Giving your bridesmaid a personalized gift that’s wearable is also a great way to show your thanks. offers Personalized Wedding Tanks that are perfect for outfitting your wedding party, but you can also feel free to gift your bridesmaids with small jewelry items, clutches, scarves, or similar. Try to choose pieces that’ll fit their unique tastes – after all, this is all about them!

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