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Favor Fridays – Halloween Wedding Luminaries

Favor Fridays – October 31, 2008 (Happy Halloween!)
Pumpkin Wedding Luminaries – Only $22.95 a dozen!

  • Kit includes 12 Flame resistant, Orange, “Halloween Pumpkin” Styled Bags & 12 Tea Candles
  • Perfect for a Halloween or Fall Wedding
  • Just fill with water or sand to prevent wind collapse

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Everthing’s Fine With Wine


Wine has a rich tradition in almost all cultures.  In the ancient world, many people looked at wine as a symbol the signified that end a barbarianism and the indoctrination of class in society.  In Medieval Europe, many people tied wine consumption to the Church and thought of wine as a sacred object that connected them to a higher purpose.  In the Islamic world, wine was thought of as a way to treat health problems.  Many herbs, spices, minerals, and even gemstones would be introduced to the wine to treat ailments.  It’s easy to see why wine is still held in high regards even today.
Wine, with its robust history, is the perfect dinner complement to a wedding ceremony.  But with the many varieties and classifications, you have to ask yourself, “which wine best suits my wedding?”
There are many factors that go into wine selection and you must take into account everything from the menu, the atmosphere, and the season in order to choose the right wine.

  • Dinner – When choosing a wine for your guests, you should stick to the traditional way of pairing wine with what type of dinner that’s being served.  If your serving red meat, darker wines with a more full body are a good pairing to bring out the taste of the meat, rather than cover it up with a sweeter taste.  The same could be said for poultry or pork being paired with a mid-rage wine and fish being paired with a white wine.  But be careful, sometimes there are exceptions to the rules, like your guests personal tastes or the way the dinner is prepared.  So do your research by taking into account your guests tastes and refer to this nifty Wine Pairing Chart that helps select the best wine to accompany your dinner choice(s).
  • The Toast – In every wedding there is a toast to the happy couple’s future.  There isn’t a better way to do that than with Champagne served in a flute glasses.  This is a classy way for your dinner party to tell funny stories about the happy couple and wish them the best of luck in their future.

And at the end of the wedding, be sure to send your guests off with a Wine Wedding Favors that will remind them of the delicious wine you selected for the occasion.

Favor Fridays – Antique Place Card Holder

Favor Fridays – October 24, 2008
Antique Place Card Holder – Only $.80 each!

  • Styled to resemble an antique picture frame
  • Place card with an elegant flower border is included
  • Made of stylish Pewter

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Ask Courtney: Packing For The Honeymoon

Q: Hi Courtney! I’ve been putting so much thought into my wedding day, that I completely forgot to even think about what to pack for my honeymoon. I’m going to Bermuda. I have so much on my mind that I can’t even think! Help! – Thanks, Sarah, TX


A:  Relax, Sarah! Congratulations on your wedding, and I know you’re going to have a wonderful time in Bermuda. Here’s a list of what you need to bring:

  • 2-3 Bathing Suits
  • Sarong/Bathing suit cover-ups (you’ll mostly be in your bathing suit, so you’ll need some cover-ups for daytime wear)
  • Just Married Flip Flops (These  are just too cute!)
  • Skirt or pair of shorts for each day you’ll be there
  • Tank top or light t-shirt for each day
  • Your favorite underthings ;-)
  • Light dresses for nighttime
  • 1-2 Fancy dresses for a fun, romantic night out
  • Camera!(And this Beach Photo Album to hold all those great honeymoon memories)
  • Personal items, like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, face wash, makeup, jewelry
  • Enthusiasm!

Enjoy your honeymoon!

Ask Courtney: Your Very Own Wedding Planner

Hello readers! My name is Courtney from I’ve been in the wedding business for quite awhile now, and I’ve learned so much from the girls and guys over at Products With Personality! There’s no wedding ring on my own finger yet, but I have planned too many weddings to count, and I’m a real-life version of Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses!

Wedding Planning

Feel free to write in to me at with wedding planning questions, and I’ll answer them on the blog so everyone can benefit from them. I’ll also be answering some common wedding questions, so stay tuned!

Favor Fridays – Amore Stainless Steel Bar Tool Favors

Favor Fridays – October 17, 2008
Amore Stainless Steel Bar Tool Favors – As low as $2.38!

  • Play the duel role as a stainless steel key ring/multipurpose bar tool
  • Tastefully shaped as a wine bottle
  • Comes in an attractive signature clear plastic display box and tied with a white organza bow

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Relax, Breathe, and Smile

In all my years of wedding experience, I’ve seen tons of extremely stressed out brides. Let’s take the case of one stressed out bride who we’ll call Monica, her husband Tom, and mother-in-law Marilyn. Marilyn had been dreaming of her son’s wedding for years, and she was delighted when Tom proposed to Monica.

And then came the wedding planning.

Marilyn wasn’t a monster-in-law, but her tendency to sometimes help just a little bit too much was getting under Monica’s skin. Monica was stressed out with wedding planning and her demanding job, and that stress was making her snap at Tom and Marilyn, her skin go hay-wire, and way too many tears for such a happy upcoming event.

The solution? We got Monica quickly into Wedding Retreat, stat! We took her for a hot stone massage, got her a pedicure (so relaxing! never underestimate the value of a good pedicure), facial, and a haircut. Sure, it wasn’t cheap, but after seeing Monica relax as much as she did, we would have done it 5 times over.

So, brides-to-be, what can you learn from this? Relax! Take a breath, and smile at all the loved ones around you who just want to help, and the beautiful life you have. And then schedule yourself a massage, and get these for your personal use, and as a great gift for your always helpful bridesmaids, too:

Chocolate Bath Salts

Bella Bath Confetti

Get The Wedding Widget!

Planning a wedding? You don’t have time to search the web for tons of wedding news and tips, so we’ve done our homework and strive to create informative, creative blog posts that will get you on the track to wedding zen. Check out our wedding planning widget so you can have all our great posts on your site!

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Favor Fridays – Snowflake Key Chain

Favor Fridays – October 10, 2008
Snowflake Key Chain – only $1.26 each!

  • Beautiful shimmery snowflake key chains
  • Come with pretty rhinestones in the center
  • Packaged in an elegant box with a clear top and black bottom, with a white organza bow and an attached snowflake thank you tag

Wedding Favors

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Get The PWPOnline Wedding Widget!

Are you planning your wedding, or know someone who is? With all the stress of planning a wedding, and all that time you (don’t!) have, it can be difficult to consult all the wedding planning blogs out there for help with your wedding. So, we’ve made it easy for you! We designed a wedding blog widget that is updated automatically with our great blog posts.
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