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Archive for September, 2008

Favor Fridays – Fall Themed Cake Candle

Favor Fridays – September 26, 2008
Fall Themed Cake Candle – only $2.44 each!

Fall Wedding Favors

  • Fall themed candle shaped like a wedding cake
  • Decorated with beautiful autumn leaves
  • Your guests will love these unique wedding favors

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Would You Have A Halloween Wedding?

Fall weddings are one of the most popular wedding themes, but would you take it a step further and have a spook-tacular Halloween wedding? Many couples love the fun of Halloween, and incorporating it into their wedding theme ensures their wedding is even more fun. But does it have to be just gothic, or just funny? At, we think not. Check out a few Halloween wedding ideas to make your Halloween wedding whatever you want it to be!

Gothic Halloween WeddingsGothic: So you like things to be a little dark, and think a gothic wedding would be perfect. Check out – an entire site devoted to gothic Halloween weddings. They have everything from gothic wedding costumes to wedding menu ideas. Sure, these weddings may seem a little creepy, but your wedding is all about you, so don’t be afraid to express yourself!

Funny: Weddings don’t have to be somber and serious – you should have fun with your wedding. Take a look at the Beyer/Nagai Hallowedding – their guests showed up in fun Halloween costumes, and they even had a Halloween-themed wedding cake.

Elegant: Your Halloween wedding can be elegant, too. Think flowers all around in bright fall colors like oranges and reds. Add a ribbon to match to your wedding dress. Give your guests small black and white masks to wear for some costumed fun. Add Halloween-inspired touches to your wedding cake by coordinating it with your flowers. There’s no shortage of Fall Wedding Favors to choose from – we’re fans of the Fall in Love Leaf Soap Petals and Fall Leaf Candles.

Favor Fridays – Silver Daisy Placecard Holders

Favor Fridays, September 19, 2008
Silver Silhouette Placecard Holders – Darling Daisy Theme (Set of 4) – only $8.00 each for 4!

Wedding Favors

Make Your Own Wedding Website at

The Internet has made it easier to stay in touch with friends and family, have access to tons of information at our fingertips, and now, makes wedding planning much easier! It’s often difficult to get everyone on the same page with your wedding planning – you have family members asking over and over again where you’re registered (even though it says it on the invitation!), what the food choices are, where is the reception is…the list goes on and on. And brides, you don’t need that added stress.

So, make it simple. allows you to set up your own wedding website (where you can include those pesky details that everyone seems to forget!), by simply creating a profile and creating “My Wedding Website”. You can customize it to reflect your personality, put tons of information on it, pictures of the reception hall, a link to your online gift registry, and even more features.

Check out the page we created to help brides plan their weddings at Feel free to interact with us!

Favor Fridays – The Love Dove Bottle Opener

Favor Fridays, September 12, 2008
The Love Dove Silver Chrome Bottle Opener in Elegant Oval Showcase Giftbox – only $3.60 each!

Wedding Favors

  • Beautiful silver dove shaped bottle opener
  • Reminds all of your guests of peace and love on your wedding day
  • Comes in an elegant silver box with a velvet base. The packaging alone is worth it!

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Breaking News! New Wedding Social Networking Site

In The Wall Street Journal article, “Muse Announces Launch of Exclusive Social Network for the Online Wedding Community”, announced the start of their brand new online wedding networking site. Soon-to-be brides can plan their wedding budgets, get help planning every details of their wedding, and connect with their guests and friends about wedding plans. You can also talk to other brides and share your wedding ideas and plans. All you need to do is create a profile (it’s a snap), and your newest wedding planning resources is at the click of a mouse!

Check out a snapshot of just a small snippet of all the great features you can find at Muse!
Wedding Favors

Won’t You Be Wine?

Wine is a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding. From light to full bodied, wine adds flavor to your reception. Showcasing this delightful beverage is a great way to add elegance to your special day. Try using wine centerpieces instead of the traditional floral ones. This can be done by creating a unique bottle display or by serving a homemade wine accented with fresh fruit in a punch bowl. In addition, you can make really cool decorations out of grapes and wine glasses. Fill bowls, vases, or classes with grapes and then compliment them by using rich table linens in wine tones accented with gold.

Wine Wedding Favors

A great way to send your guests home with the memory is by treating them to wine wedding favors. This Champagne Bucket Timer is fun and unique. This practical gift is extremely clever and a cute way to tie in your wedding theme. You could also send your guests home with personalized wine glasses, miniature bottles of wine, or bottle openers.

Here’s another great tip: If you’re having your reception at a winery, give your guests a tour while you take care of your post-ceremony photos!