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Archive for June, 2008

Wedding Favors For Foodies

Do you have a family that just looooves food? If so, think edible wedding favors. Sure, they may not be able to display their wedding favors in the china closet for years to come, but they will certainly enjoy them! There’s now more than just wedding mints – check out these new edible wedding favors that all your guests will love.

Chocolate Wedding Favors – Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of a Hershey’s bar, especially if it’s beautifully wrapped in wedding theme designs with your initials on them. Gourmet chocolate bars are oh so delicious, so let your guests indulge in some chocolate goodness!

Fortune Cookie Wedding Favors – Fortune cookie says: Fortune cookie wedding favors will have your guests remembering your wedding for years to come! You can even get them personalized with you and your partner’s name on them.

Honey Wedding Favors – You and your honey want to share your special day with all your loved ones – so give them something sweet to remember the day by! Honey jar wedding favors are personalized with you and your partner’s name on the jar, with a cute saying like “Bee My Honey”, “Meant to Bee, and “Love is Buzzing”.

You don’t have to spend tons of money on edible wedding favors. You’ve come to the right place at Products With Personality – we’re here to offer you unique, fun wedding favors at low prices.

How To Handle Your Wedding At Work

You know, it’s a sticky situation. You want to invite your closest co-works/friends to your wedding but how do you avoid the office tension snafu?

Your wedding is supposed to be a joyous event; you don’t need the stress of office bickering to add to the mix. But deciding what co-workers to invite without disappointing others is a dangerous balancing act. If you work in a small office of just 5-10 people, no big deal. But if you work in a company of 50 people that you know and interact with on a daily basis, choosing can be touchy. Upsetting a colleague can make your daily office life miserable.

Solution – this is your wedding day, do what’s best for you and your future spouse. Never feel compelled to invite someone out of guilt. Weddings can be expensive – from flowers, to wedding favors to the menu – don’t sacrifice a honeymoon in the Bahamas so you can invite those 10 extra co-works (plus spouses) that you aren’t close with anyway.

If you get slake or hear chit-chat around the water cooler simply let them know you’re having a small wedding with only close family and friends. If they can’t respect that it’s their problem, not yours.

When It Come to Wedding Invitations Which Desperate Housewife Do You Resemble?

There’s something about a personalized wedding invitation that says you’ve got an eye for detail. Desperate Housewives‘ Bree Van De Kamp (Hodge) would NEVER in a million years send out a generic invite while Lynette Scavo would be lucky to get the invitations out the week before one of the kids’ birthday parties.

Which lady are you? Bree, Lynette or do you fall somewhere in the middle, like, say, Susan Meyer? I mean, it’s your wedding day, give it the special touch it deserves.

When you receive an invitation in the mail what speaks to you – a generic ‘You’re Invited’ card with the What, Where, When and Why pre-typed or a poetically written, beautifully crafted card personalized to the special couple?

Of course the personalized one jumps out above the other. And if it jumps out for you, you can bet it does for your invitees as well. Invitations are your chance to get creative, have fun and celebrate this once in a life affair! Just remember, whether your channeling Bree, Lynette or Susan this is the first time to set a tone with your guests, do so with fabulous, unique personalized wedding invitations.

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